Sunday, April 17, 2016

Returning to this project

6-1/2 year on. I got a full time job the next month. Well, the reading and posting of commentary on Christopher Lasch hasn't been productive, and the political process in US has degenerated in fascinating but unpredicted ways. My own life has changed, as I am no longer writing for paid publication, and working full time as a paraprofessional social worker. I write as many words as ever, but they are protected medical information, under the HIPAA cone of silence. This bring me back to the blog as an outlet for writing and collecting essays, not all of which will be on political horizons. As I am aging at the usual rate, I would like to get some notions out, which in younger days I might have noted for future articles or books. So if I can figure out the program, I will broaden the title, and probably link from Facebook or

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