Friday, June 27, 2008

The candidates converge as usual

I haven't posted on this blog for a long time, and remembering that I had been fairly prophetic on the Romney candidacy a year ago, my excuse was that if I actually get one right, I shouldn't lose the momentum by opening my big mouse again right away.

So now we have candidates, and we are in the most distressing part of the four-year cycle, when both parties converge around the polled center of every question. At times like these, with both presumptive candidates insisting that there is a military option versus Iran, both in favor of an vague Supreme Court decision on gun control, both ready to declare themselves in favor of child sacrifice, chattel slavery, or the nationalization of small farms if that would get them right with 51% of the voters in Michigan or Ohio -- political thinking is frozen.

The only amusement is watching people run for positions in the new administration. Despite longer nomination campaigns than usual, we now must suffer long stretches of people running for and being tested as vice presidential nominees. This too is being polled, but like all the best polls, these expensive polls are secret and will be leaked only selectively.

Is Hillary Clinton a plus on an Obama ticket? Their present lap is a test of the concept. Will Floridians still like Gov. Christ now that he favors off-shore drilling? If polls say so, McCain will be shown them and Christ has legs as a VP nominee. If anyone as old as me remembers when you went to any beach in Florida and got tar all over yourself -- just from oil tankers dumping ballast -- then Christ is toast, McCain says he never meant that, and Obama starts driving a hybrid Ford Explorer around Florida.

It gets worse. Worse than bowling. They play instruments on television. Say what you will about Robert Mugabe. In no Zimbabwean election since the Lancaster House agreement has he played an instrument on television.